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Islam, one of the major world religions today has more than 1 billion followers around the world. Almost 1/5 of the current population in the world are Muslims and strictly adheres to the teachings and examples of Muhammad who's known to be God's last prophet. Although Christianity is considered to be the largest religion at the moment, Islam is not that far behind and known to be one of the fastest-growing major religions today.

Despite your religion being different and you're not an adherent of Islam, you will find this major religion to be very interesting. Here are some facts you should know about Muslims, their religion and their faith.

Did you know that Islam means "peace?" It is an Arabic word that also means "security" and "surrender." So a Muslim, who is widely known to be an adherent of the said religion, will mean as "one who peacefully submits or surrenders to Allah as their God."

Anyone from any part of the world and any race can be or convert to being a Muslim. And a female follower of Islam can be simply called as a "Muslim" or "Muslimah."

Qu'ran is very important to the Muslims as the Bible is to the Christians. It is a central religious book that's considered to contain the verbatim word from their God. Muslims believe that it contains the revelations which their God revealed to Muhammad. Though there are different prophets recognized in Islam which includes Abraham, Noah, Jesus, and Moses, Muhammad is the most recognizable of them all.

In addition, it is not true that all Muslims are Arabs. In fact, most followers of Islam are not Arabs and come from all race and countries. As a family-oriented religion, many are encouraged to become followers as well.

The faith of most people in Islam is huge and it's admirable that they worship God because it's their sole purpose for their existence.